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The curriculum implemented at Bright Beginnings Pre-School is based on your child learning through their environment. We focus on choice, self-esteem, decision making, social & interaction skills giving them the bright start they deserve.

Bright Beginnings Pre-School implements The Creative Curriculum which focuses our planning around indoor & outdoor interest areas & enrichment activities to meet the needs of a broad range of children of all abilities. We additionally provide your children with daily Enrichment Learning Labs offering small group instruction in Spanish, Life/Animal Science, Sign Laguage, Computers & Life Skills.

Interest Areas
Each classroom is set up with Interest Areas for your child to explore. Lesson Plans are implemented through activities in these interest areas as well as circle time & guided instruction.

Daily Interest Areas:

  • Blocks
  • Home Time
  • Table Toys
  • Art
  • Sift & Pour
  • Listen Up
  • Playground
  • Mix-n-Taste
  • Books

Bright Beginnings Learning Labs
Enrichment activities are conducted in the Bright Beginnings Learning Labs & are designed to focus on your child through small group activities. Children will rotate from their regular classroom scheduled interest areas into the learning labs for activities & instruction with enrichment coordinators. All enrichment classes are included in the cost of your weekly tuition.

  • Computer Lab
    Basic knowledge of computer use through teacher assisted activities. Improves fine motor skills using keyboard & mouse to draw and play games. Promotes literacy, math & communication skills. Activities are developmentally & age appropriate.
  • Spanish Lab
    Songs, games, colors, numbers, & activities are presented in Spanish, introducing your child to the basics of a foreign language.
  • Animal House
    A live animal lab! Your child will love their time in the Animal House Learning Lab. Teaches pet responsibility. Small group instruction of animal & life science or lab related story-time.
  • Sign Language
    Children will learn the basics of communicating with Sign Language.
  • Life Skills/Themed Unit Enrichment
    Specific life skills are presented & practiced. Examples of Life Skills Units are Nutrition, Cooking, Health, Safety, My Emotions & Family.

The Letter People Curriculum in the Red Robin Room
Supplementing the Creative Curriculum the Red Robin Classroom is implementing the Letter People Curriculum focusing on Phonological Awareness and providing a print rich environment. Phonological Awareness the ability to hear and manipulate individual sounds of spoken language. PREdecodable books are designed to offer children a positive Preliminary Reading Experience. They motivate children to read because they are all about their Letter People friends. The books allow children to practice handling books and to demonstrate their recognition and awareness of print and book conventions such as: left to right progression of print; distinctions between letters and words; clues that indicate beginnings/endings of sentences; the fact that print (not pictures) contains the meaning of a story; book features (front and back covers, authors’ and illustrators’ names and page numbers); literacy forms (settings, characters, and plot).

Used as a part of systematic early literacy instruction, the books also provide children opportunities to develop and increase: alphabetic knowledge; listening and speaking skills; word recognition; and vocabulary.

Texas School Ready in Blue Jay Classroom
BBPS in partnership with Sam Houston State University Early Childhood Education Program is excited to be implementing the Texas School Ready Curriculum in the Blue Jay Pre-K classroom. The Texas School Ready Program is a product of the University of Texas Health Science Center’s Children’s Learning Institute. They have translated their research into a variety of hands on activities that teachers implement in their classrooms during small group, large group, centers and with one on one instruction. When implementing these activities the goal is to have the children have the best learning experience using planful, purposeful and playful strategies. The children need to be exposed to the new concepts multiple times and across a variety of concepts in order to solidify their understanding. The teacher uses a gradual release method by modeling, demonstrating and “thinking aloud” so that the children understand the thoughts behind what the teacher is doing. Then the children practice the skills and concepts with the teacher guiding their practice. This process provides children with multiple opportunities for learning and understanding.

This exciting new curricproviding the children with a print rich environment, skill centers, and phonetic that are designed to prepare them for the kindergarten classroom.

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