Brigh Beginnings Pre-School
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Tuition & Vacation Week

Tuition is due in advance of service. Tuition is charged in weekly increments. Tuition is always due by the close of business on Thursday for the following week of school. If you choose to pay in increments of 4 or more weeks you will receive a 5% discount to the cost of your child’s tuition. Bright Beginnings Pre-School does not accept cash...tuition must be paid with a check or money order. Tuition is due regardless of attendance.

Late Tuition
Tuition for following week of attendance not paid by the close of business of Thursdays will be charged a late fee of $40.00.

Late Pick-Up Fee
The Bright Beginnings Attendance & Billing System will automatically assess late pick up fees; this computer serves as the official clock. Late pick up fee of $1.00 per minute after pick up time. Late pick up fees are due by the Wednesday following the late pick up.

Vacation Week
Families are allowed to use one (Monday-Friday) Vacation Week per year from August 1st thru July 31st. The Director must be informed ahead of time for the vacation week to be applied. These are use or loose, you can not accrue more than one week per child.

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