General Enrollment Details

Enrollment Procedures will be facilitated by the Preschool Director or designee. Any changes to the centers policies or procedures will be provided to the parents in their child’s mailbox along with conspicuously posting changes for parents to see.

Your child’s Enrollment Fee of $50 is a one-time charge, siblings will be charged a pro-rated one-time fee of $25 per child for enrollment.

Tuition and Fees Policies

Tuition is due in advance of service and charged in weekly or monthly increments. Weekly tuition is always due on Thursdays for the following week or two weeks. Monthly tuition is due on the 1st or the 15th of each month. Monthly and 4-Week Tuition Agreements reflect a 5% discount off of the weekly rate. Tuition must be paid by Check or Money Order. Tuition is due regardless of attendance.

Late Tuition

Tuition for following week of attendance not paid by the close of business on Thursdays will be charged a late fee of $40.00.

Late Pick-Up Fee

The Bright Beginnings Attendance & Billing System will automatically assess late pick up fees; this computer serves as the official clock. Late pick up fee of $1.00 per minute after pick up time. Late pick up fees are due by the Wednesday following the late pick up.

Supply Fee

There is a $40.00 supply fee per semester (spring, summer, and fall), due in January, May, and August.

Bug/Sunscreen Fee

Provided for an annual fee of $20.00 due in March. You will opt in or out. We cannot apply bug/sunscreen from home, unless there is an adverse reaction to what we provide at the daycare facility.

Vacation Week

Families are allowed to use one (Monday-Friday) Vacation Week per year from August 1st thru July 31st. The Preschool Director must be informed ahead of time for the vacation week to be applied. These are use or lose, you cannot accrue more than one week per child.

All tuition and fees are non-refundable.

There is a two week dis-enrollment policy- the Preschool Director or Assistant Director must be informed two weeks before the child’s last day of paid enrollment.

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