Blue Jays

4 Years Old

Age Requirements

Children must be at least 4 years old but not yet 5 on September 1st of that school year to enroll in this class. Children must be fully potty trained.

Teacher to Children Ratios

The state ratio for this class is a minimum requirement of 1 adult to 17 children. This is a physically large classroom that accommodates 2 groups of 13 children. BBPS provides 3 teachers with rotating responsibilities.

Blue Jays


The Blue Jay curriculum is based on the Texas School Ready Project. It focuses on the Pre-kindergarten Guidelines supplemented with High Scope where children learn through play. This classroom also participates in Scholastic Book Club to encourage reading. The Blue Jays follow a weekly themed lesson plan. They will learn a letter each week, review the calendar, weather, classroom rules, and sight words at "Circle Time". The themed lesson includes music and movement, self-help skills, conflict resolution and problem solving, expressing feelings and words to others, and phonics. The children PLAN, RECALL, and REVIEW with self-classroom management clips they move from center to center. They have outside play with group games practicing fine and gross motor skills along with self-control and impulse management. The Blue Jays have “Show and Tell” on Fridays, coordinating with the letter for the week. The children rest and take a nap everyday. These are the final formal steps to preparing them for the kindergarten environment.

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