Red Robins

3 Years Old

Age Requirements

Children must be at least 3 years old but not yet 4 on September 1st of that school year to enroll in this class. Children must be fully potty trained to promote or enroll in this class.

Teacher to Children Ratios

The state ratio for this class is a minimum requirement of 1 adult to 15 children. This is a physically large classroom that accommodates 2 groups of 13 children. BBPS provides 3 teachers with rotating responsibilities.


The Red Robin Room has a center-based and phonic-rich curriculum called The Letter People. These special friends get children talking, moving, interacting, experimenting, drawing, counting and ultimately reading and writing. The Letter People are their friends, language and learning partners and just plain fun! Here the children experience all of the domains of early childhood development. At "Circle Time" they are introduced to a weekly themed lesson that implements the classroom rules, sight words, weather, and weekly calendar. The children participate in outside play and "Work Time", where the childcare teachers support the children's play while they move with clips from center to center. Show-and-tell is on Fridays and it coordinates with the letter for the week. Fine and gross motor skills are encouraged along with self-help skills and impulse management. The children rest and take a nap everyday. These are the first official steps to preparing them for the kindergarten environment.

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Red Robins