Ms. Kristin
Blue Jays Lead Teacher

Ms. Kristin is a Bryan native, we met Ms. Kristin when she was completing her observation hours for Blinn’s Early Childhood Education Program. Ms. Kristin has completed all of the education courses for her CDA (Child Development Associate) and is only lacking a couple of non education classes to compete her Associates Degree. Ms. Kristin has been with BBPS since early 2018 and has mostly worked with and enjoyed the Red Robin and the Blue Jay Classrooms. “I love the Blue Jay Class, my long term goal is to finish my Bachelors Degree in Early Education and teach kinder. The Blue Jays are so fun, the are curious about everything, they ask lots of questions, and are very hands on, just like me. The Blue Jays keep us on our toes, which makes our days go by so fast! They soak up everything around them. I love to give them things to do or figure out and then watch them figure it out and get it, it makes me proud of them!”