Green Parrots

18 to 24 months

Age Requirements

Children must be at least 18 months but not yet 2 years old on September 1st of that school year to enroll in this class.

Teacher to Children Ratios

The State ratio for this classroom is a minimum requirement of 1 adult to 9 children. BBPS provides 2 teachers with 9 to 11 children and 3 daycare teachers with the max number of children enrolled of 14 to 15 children.


The Green Parrot room follows a weekly themed lesson plan based on the Creative Curriculum. This curriculum includes choice, teaching the children to listen to books while sitting down for "Circle Time", getting along with friends, letting daycare teachers know when they are upset or hurting, and learning to use our words as much as possible.  In this classroom they will begin to work on fine and large motor skill activities as well as singing, counting, dancing, outside play, nap time with opportunities for free play.

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Green Parrots